Interlude, Day 1

Rano and her friend Nina arrived this morning from Lausanne, after many trials and tribulations -- namely the airports being closed for the Pope's funeral. We dropped off their luggage at my flat, and then did a bit of walking around... we saw Teatro Marcello, and the Republican temples and the medieval Casa Di Crescenzi in the Foro Boaria, and then stuck out hands in La Bocca della Verita, which I also convined Rano it was good luck to kiss.

bite your lips off

Nina was horrified.

It was a bit of a rainy day, and we got a bit wet, but we were rewarded with stunning view of the rain drenching the Forum before we headed into the Capitoline Museums.

rainy forum

Unfortunatly, Il Spinario was in London for some nonsensical reason, but we got to see the various colossal bady parts in the courtyard, the Capitoline She-Wolf, and Bernini's Medusa. I never noticed before how morose Medusa looks - ever her snakes looked a tad droopy.

unhappy to be Medusa

For dinner we went out to a lovely little restaurant that Rano and Nina found, at which Nina decided to demonstrate how much better her Italian is than mine, apparently having had quite enough of my macho slaughtering of the language. She got her come-uppance later though, when we went out to a jazz club and the two older ladies, with whom she was chatting, tried to take her home. HA!


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