I got to see Sophie this afternoon. We met up in Hampstead (I bravely took the bus!), and then went for a walk on the Heath. We walked down to the ponds and bought some of odd British ice cream cones with the awful chocolate sticks in the top. Sophie, the trooper that she is, ate my chocolate stick. While I scurried about trying (and failing) to get a good picture of the Heath, Sophie showed off her new cell-phone-game-skills, which have been honed to an almost superhuman level since the last time that I saw her.

We had a truly nice time, or at least I did. We talked a lot about her mother, and about life in general, as we walked about on the Heath and looked down on London. I made the mistake of nodding approvingly in the general direction of an egg shaped building that is, apparently (unbeknownst to me) a monstrosity. Later, we walked back to Hampstead where we ate at an incredible French restaurant (le cellier du midi, 28 Church Row, for those interested) that Sophie recommended highly. We discussed the pros and cons of dietary variation, a discussion made eventually moot by the fact that everything on the menu was excellent. We had some lovely mint tea at a Moroccan restaurant, and then we popped back to St. John's wood for another cup of tea with the many Patels before we trundled her off in a cab for home.

I can wish and wish that the circumstances might have been different... but they weren't. Nevertheless, it was lovely to see her again, and I'm sure it will be one of my best memories of this trip.


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